Raspberry Pi OS – What happens in a boot?

Submitted by peter on Thu, 02/16/2023 - 20:47
You have a working Raspberry Pi based computer. You boot up the Pi OS until the desktop shows then you shutdown. What happens in that simple cycle? Prevention is worth your time. Looking at a working system will help you fix a failed system faster. Looking at a working system can highlight systems running downhill toward a crash.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB as my next notebook disk?

Submitted by peter on Tue, 07/12/2022 - 17:14
There are a heap of SSD reviews online and many quote specifications that do not match the current version of whatever they are reviewing. Some tested the speed of the Windows operating system, not the hardware speed. User reviews are even worse as they often do not mention what they actually bought or how they tested the device. Here is my current research.