Riding without a helmet BMW style

Submitted by peter on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 05:30

In 2016, BMW announced their pretend new motorbike, Motorrad Vision Next 100, a concept with fake video of a highway ride. The bike is back in the news.


The big new thing is a self balancing feature which would make the bike so safe, you could ride without a helmet.

Yes, right, and what happens in the real world?

You right without a helmet. A crow crashes into your face. Will BMW pay for the plastic surgery?

You ride over ice. The bike stays vertical, thanks to the voodoo magic, and continues on sliding in a straight line. Not a good feeling when you are supposed to go around a curve. Is that a cliff or a tree in front of you?

Mud, gravel, water, metal plates, leaves. There is no BMW voodoo to protect your face from obstacles when you slide.

Automatically staying upright actually decreases your options to reduce damage by laying down your bike. You lose the option to slide in your leathers and progressively slow down without the sudden big thump of hitting a brick wall.

And there is that kangaroo moment. You are riding at the limit in the outback. A kangaroo appears head high mid jump. You lay down and slide under. Well, you try to. When this happens, this happens fast!

I can thank a helmet for keeping kangaroo claws out of my eyes. How dangerous are those claws? My current car has two deep scratches from a kamikaze kangaroo. Something that can scrape deep into steel is unlikely to slide off your eyeball.

Wear a helmet. Please!