Because nothing else works

Submitted by peter on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 02:38

(I wrote this page on June 21, 2013 using a code editor because nothing else worked.)

What do you depend on when you arrive at a work site? Many people depend on a computer and a wireless connection. You might connect your ultrabook through a mobile telephone instead of a built in wireless connection. You might use a smartphone instead of a real ultrabook.

Wireless is the least reliable way to connect. I have some of the most reliable hardware working on the best wireless network and I am lucky to connect reliably two out of three times. I upload and download every day before leaving the safety of my wired office. When I do get a connection outside the office, the speed is often pathetic and unusable.

My experience with wireless is better than most other people because I observe what works and what fails then adjust everything to fit the common wireless problems. I often hear the complaints of people who purchase the most expensive latest gadget from Apple or some other fashion house. You pay double to get the "best" then waste many months on the telephone calling their support people in the hope of using the device one day.

A common report is the problem of the device that works in the shop and nowhere else. Where do you go for support? You have to go to the shop and it works in the shop.

I tried to write these notes in LibreOffice, the free open version of OpenOffice. LibreOffice worked a couple of weeks ago. An update disabled parts of LibreOffice including the word processing part, making LibreOffice useless for me. I cannot download a new version because wireless has failed.

Abiword is an alternative to LibreOffice and it is not working today. I do not know what killed Abiword because I have not used Abiword for a while and there were several updates to my computer after the last time I used Abiword.

The operating system supplies several text editors and they all have serious problems limiting their use for writing articles. The only consistent editor is so primitive that editing is almost impossible. The minimum editor for text is the one recommended by the operating system suppliers but it has serious problems making it impractical for anything more than a few paragraphs, plus almost impossible for assembling text from other sources.

So now I am typing in Bluefish, a free open source code editor that works on every useful operating system. Bluefish has some serious problems for very large files, you would not use it to write a novel, but it does work for lots of small files. You could use it for a novel if you created each chapter as a separate file.

(The software problems were fixed when the telecommunications company fixed their network. I now keep a 4G dongle for the other brand of telecommunications company.)