ShenZhen XinSen Technology Microdrive USB flash memory sticks in 32 GB and 64 GB

Submitted by peter on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 18:03

ShenZhen XinSen Technology specialise in portable storage, small USB flash drives. Their brand is Microdrive. I am testing their metal USB flash memory sticks in 32 GB, model US032G, and 64 GB, US064G.

You get a free key ring with each drive. Both the drive and key ring are chrome metal with the key ring polished and the drive in a brushed matt finish. The key ring part is surprisingly strong, given the low price. I might find a use for the key rings.

The devices have solid metal construction, the main thing I need, followed by small size so they do not stick out from a USB socket where they might be bumped. The Microdrives fit the required size and strength.

The drives have a blue insert in the plug, suggesting the device is USB 3. The maximum performance is only at USB 2 levels. The 32 GB model reads 10 MB files at 22.6 MB per second and writes them at 3 MBps. There was an initial burst at 10 MBps into the device buffer but that was only for the first little write.

Running another test, the 64 GB device maintained a 12.9 MBps write speed. Weird. 12.9 still results in over an hour of writing to fill up the 64 GB. I have to copy 56 GB onto the stick and the estimated time for the copy is 65 minutes. In this case, it does not matter as the copy can happen while I do something else. Once copied, the device will be in a car for a year or more and will only be read.

The price looked good. When we Australians bus from China, the shipping costs are massively subsidised by us through an ancient trade deal the politicians are afraid to cancel. Despite the subsidy, the Chinese seller added on a significant shipping charge I did not notice up front. The seller also added the Australian GST tax on top of the selling price, which is illegal. Prices advertised in Australia have to include taxes. The result is AU$6.62 as the cost to me for the 32 GB device and $9.04 for the 64 GB device. There are lots of devices with the same capacity and speed in Australia for $10.

For $25, I can get a similar Sandisk device at the local shops for $25. The Sandisk version would be more than five times faster but speed is not the main requirement.

Sandisk have a similar size device for $15 that is half plastic. I bought two a couple of years ago for use in cars where it can be hot during the day. One plastic device disintegrated in the sun. The all metal ShenZhen device should survive better than plastic.

For $18, I can get an all metal device with both USB A and C plugs, waterproof, and faster, but not in the small size required. The all metal dual plug device would be a better selection for dumping in the average toolkit. I would buy one of these if I did not already have fast dual plug devices in 64 GB and 256 GB.

I have the right capacities in the right size with excellent all metal protection. The advertised price was misleading. There is nothing in the local shops that is just right, making this purchase the best option even at a higher price. I would definitely choose something faster if I did not need the small size.