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Julia Gillard offers 9.9 billion dollars bribe to Rob Oakeshott

Submitted by Peter on Tue, 2010-09-07 22:17


Julia Gillard purchased Rob Oakeshott's vote for 9.9 billion dollars. If Julia gave Rob $1000 in cash and asked for his vote, everyone would say it is a bribe, immoral, perhaps criminal, but giving 9.9 billion dollars of our taxpayers taxpayers money to him is considered ok.

The 9.9 billion dollars will go to Rob's electorate and ensure rob is elected for many more years, giving Rob a cushy job, a big salary, massive benefits, and one of the richest pension schemes in Australia. Apparently it is legal.

Rob Oakeshott is one of three independent candidates elected at the recent Australian federal election, who banded together to demand electoral reform from the major political parties. They held the balance of power and decided who would form government. Their demand for electoral reform reflected the demands for electoral reform in some Australian states, including New South Wales where the government is decided by a small number of rich real estate developers.

Rob Oakeshott changed his position when offered money. I say the money is a bribe and accepting the offer is exactly the type of corruption Rob Oakeshott said he was fighting against.

The offer by Julia Gillard will be bragged about by some Labor Party as the sort of rat cunning need to beat the competition in a race where winning is more important than ethics, morals, or any worthy attribute. The people who live in NSW, it is a symptom of the rot that sent NSW broke, destroyed our public transport, and inflicted massive debt we taxpayers will never pay off in our lifetime.

The two faced lies told by the political creeps of the win at all costs variety is exemplified by the cost of electricity in NSW. Prior to the last election in NSW, there was a big scare campaign telling us that if we did not re-elect the Labor Party, we would be hit by electricity price rises. NSW re-elected the Labor Party and electricity prices started to rise. If the Labor Party were honest, they would admit before the election that NSW is broke, electricity prices will rise, and let us vote on the real value of their non existent policies.

At the federal level, the Labor Party announced almost no policies. Instead they announced a few budget items that are announced every year by both major parties and occasionally implemented. Now all of their few flimsy policies are useless because they sold themselves to the Greens and a few independents. The old winning is more important than anything approach.

The people of Australia voted against the Labor Party then the Greens handed the gun back to Labor. The independents handed the whip and shackles over to Julia. based on the approach of previous Labor governments, all Australians will now be treated like naughty children and punished with massive taxes. Rich people will be exempted, as usual, because they control the media. All decisions will be made in secret and have nothing to do with anything said before the election.

On an interview tonight, one of the independents mentioned a massive federal government expenditure on something of no real value, something not mentioned before the election. It is another project to get headlines from the media who refuse to investigate the outrageous claims of the Labor Party. The project announces things we already have and use. Our taxes will be used to pay private companies to to what they are already doing. In effect, it is a subsidy to deploy existing efficiencies a little faster.

There are two related confused items. One is adding intelligence to the existing electricity grid. This is targeted at NSW where the Labor party let the existing electricity grid degrade to the point where it cannot supply our electricity. Big customers are bypassing the failing grid to get private supplies. The new smart grid will tell us when there is enough electricity to switch on our refrigerators.

What a load of cow dung. We can already tell by the brownouts. When the lights go dark, forget about cooking food and everything else. The government lets us buy pathetically inefficient washing machines designed for foreign countries where the electricity system is completely different then they expect us to magically use those clunkers in an efficient way dictated by the new trinkets that will hang on the existing grid. Will we be woken up by bells at 3:00 am then was ourselves during the few minutes there is adequate electricity?

The solutions were know years ago and they all depend on two things, the manufacturers, and the end users. The manufacturers have to switch to renewable sources as part of their normal maintenance replacement. The grid should be built to fit the renewable supply, not the messy old system we use now. When existing appliances break and need replacing, users should to buy new appliances to fit the grid designed to fit the renewable supply but we cannot do that until someone actually announces what will fit.

Under the current government, we will be hit with massive taxes to replace the current grid then be asked to spend all our remaining money replacing our appliances then, and only then, the government will say the grid is all wrong for renewable energy, will have to change completely, and will will have to replace our appliances again. Knowing the Labor Party from the Bob Hawke and Paul Keating days, they will say it is our fault everything is wrong. Julia will probably tell us the repeated trashing of appliances, buying replacements from China, then trashing those, is a great thing for our economy and she might even believe it herself.

It looks like we missed out on the electoral reform promised by the three independents. Expect the next election to include online auctions of the independent votes.